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SwimDo: Truly making the world a better and safer place



Swindo works to protect and enrich the lives of children in Borneo through aquatic education. Through SwimDo’s program, children in lower-income Asian countries learn to swim as well as other essential life skills, that they may grow up to be something bigger than their environment might otherwise permit.

SwimDo’s Chief Videographer, Rory Moon, reached out to TonalForge through an olive branch extended by a friend of his, an existing client of ours. He came to us with a very specific need and a very specific way he wanted it done, music to our ears.




Rory’s job was to:

● Create an uplifting, impactful, and emotional promotional video to entice prospective volunteers to join their program

● Provide the finished promo within 30 days of the start date

● Remain within a tight financial and timing budget

● Curate 3rd party teams to assist with post-processing, foley, and music

Immediately after we received Rory’s request, we set him up with an account, got him active, and allowed him to choose the composer he wanted on the project.


“It was liberating to feel like the project was in good hands, while still being mine...”

- Rory Moon




It was fantastic being able to work with Rory through his own creative process. We stayed in regular contact and sent each other edits daily. He was able to be the conductor, and we were all too happy to sing to his tune. Half way through our allotted time, we’d created a solid first draft. He was ready to rock, but we knew our work had only just begun. We put the finishing touches on each instrument, mixed it down to one track, ran that through one of our Mastering Engineers, and ended up with what Rory, SwimDo, and our entire team called “perfection.”



“The music’s great by the way… Look forward to working again in the future”

- Seamus Pettigrew, SwimDo


As of today, the SwimDo team has relied on TonalForge for all of their musical needs, and we continue to provide quality content at a price that a non-profit organization operating out of Borneo can afford. It’s been a pleasure and an honor working with SwimDo and providing quality content, and we are constantly looking forward to the next opportunity they present to us.