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Studio Taka

Studio Taka: Breathing Life into a 90’s Cult Classic

Studio Taka is a nation-wide community of animators, foley artists, voice actors, and asset creators. Kentaro Miura’s beloved cult classic, Berserk, comes to life from the only studio brave enough to tackle such a project, Studio Taka. Taka’s team of dedicated fans and professionals is second-to-none in the motion comic industry.



The only thing missing was us.

Studio Taka’s director, Alan Poole, had been engaged with TonalForge’s newsletters,, but was keeping us on the back burner while he looked for independent artists to fill the musical gaps he was experiencing. After months of trial and error, Alan reached out to us via our contact form to inquire about a quote. The hesitancy to use us stemmed from a lack of budget, but we were able to find a price point that didn’t break the bank.

Studio Taka presented a unique opportunity for us. They’d originally only asked for music for their intro, but as time went on, they were so happy with the results that they asked us to produce the entire soundtrack. To date, we’ve been working with Studio Taka for well over a year, and the partnership only strengthens as time goes on.

The scope of their project included:

  ● Create a powerful rock-metal vocal intro song

  ● Create ongoing musical backdrops for a wide variety of moods and settings

  ● Attend regular spotting sessions with the animation team to strategize implementation

  ● Maintain a consistent sound while using multiple different artists and composers

  ● Remain within a tight financial and timing budget

  ● Curate 3rd party teams to assist with post-processing and vocals


“Tonal Forge proved to be more than just a service, they’re partners of ours… We’ve never looked back”

- Alan Poole Director, Studio Taka


Working with Studio Taka pushed us to the limit as an organization by forcing us to work outside of our comfort zone. Berserk: The Motion Comic is an incredibly dark, powerful, emotional and haunting story, and we were all too happy to rise to the occasion.