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Shallot Games LLC: Going beyond the the video

We were given an opportunity to work with Shallot Games, an esteemed gaming studio based out of Orlando, Florida. Their flagship game title, Vista Golf Rivals, was in serious need of musical accompaniment, so they reached out to us and requested a demo. 


One quick conversation later, we had a concept built and a projection for a final product within 5 days. Each stage of the game represented one of the four seasons. Shallot challenged us to create four unique tracks that embodied each season, as well as a title screen song. 


With only one composer, a few hours of studio time, and a mixing engineer, we were able to put forth a compilation of tracks that went without the need of any edits. 


Instead of scouring the internet for tracks that might vaguely represent the four seasons, they came to us with a contact form and a dream, which we promptly brought to life.