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Studio Taka

Biobag: Environmentally-conscious compositions

BioBag was the most dynamic and polished product we’ve produced to date. We’re incredibly proud of the multi-pronged project that was BioBag’s unveiling campaign. There were several videos that required multiple different musical backdrops. Some pieces needed to be driven by the music, while others just needed it as a passenger.

We gathered several composers and mixing/mastering engineers to tackle the project all at once. Within a week, our final product was ready to rock. 



The team at BioBag asked for 2 Jazz pieces, 2 classical pieces, and a “sci-fi informational” backdrop. 

Instead of searching for music for hours and worrying about how and where it fit in their projects, we gave them a first draft that had every moment mapped out to their video perfectly.

With full licensing and hours totalled, TonalForge’s quote was actually less than what their previous music provider offered them.



This project opened our eyes to the world of environmentalism, and how music can embody both the conservation of our planet and instil hope that we can make it better.